3 Reasons Why We are Willing to Sacrifice toilet comfort

Chances are, that unless you are a full-time RVer, your trailer, van or motorhome are not considered your house. 

I consider myself a “Weekend Warrior”. I love going out on the weekends and during holidays, but I am also happy to come back to my “sticks-and-bricks” home.  

Although our travel units are not our full-time residence, they are still considered our “home away from home”.

So why is it, that we are willing to sacrifice “in-home” comfort and cleanliness, when it comes to our RV bathrooms, especially the toilet? 

At home we have porcelain toilets as a standard and we don’t even question it. We use them daily, clean them with whatever cleaner we find at the store and deem appropriate (for me it’s usually the ones that give me the best bang for my buck) and with a generic bristled brush from Amazon.

It doesn’t even cross our minds, that it could: 

  • deteriorate with every use
  • permanently stain after only a few months or years of usage
  • be too heavy for the house we live in
  • need specialty cleaners 
  • need specialty cleaning tools like these Silicone Toilet Brushes 

In our sticks and bricks homes we’d never even remotely consider:

  • using a plastic toilet
  • only going #1 in it
  • going #2 somewhere else or in the backyard, armed with a shovel
  • not flushing toilet paper, but putting in a bag next to the toilet
 Feels weird even thinking about it, doesn’t it?
So what are the 3 Top Reasons we are willing to sacrifice our comfort and cleanliness regarding our RV toilet? 

1. Cost: 

To install a porcelain toilet in your unit is an additional investment, many of us are not willing or able to make. 

A new porcelain toilet costs anywhere between C$350 – C$450, if you have a black tank in your RV. 

One example is the Thetford Aqua Magic Style II

If your unit is outfitted with a cassette toilet, the investment is even bigger. 

A new Thetford Cassette Toilet costs around C$1200, depending on the model and then it’s still a plastic toilet.
Thetford does sell 1 model that does have a ceramic bowl (bowl only), but not worldwide and it’s even more expensive than a new polypropylene cassette toilet. 

The aforementioned costs are just the price of different toilets. Now add shipping, additional parts and possibly an RV technician to install it.

2. Weight: 

With weight regulations on the road and rising gas prices, we all have to make sure we don’t add too much weight to our units. 

Now, installing a porcelain toilet would add approximately between 20 and 40 lbs to your unit, which is about the weight of a bicycle, a baby stroller or a 50 inch TV and don’t get me started on how many bottles of wine this would be. 😉

What I am trying to say, there’s way better things to pack into your unit than 20 to 40 lbs worth of toilet. 

3. Hassle:

If you aren’t an avid DIYer you may be a bit intimidated by the thought of installing a whole toilet in your RV. I know, I am. 

There is so much to think of: 

  • Researching different models and making sure they fit in your RV bathroom
  • Comparing prices on different websites
  • Finding someone to help or a professional to do it
  • Will there be a mess? 
  • Researching a Step-by-Step Guide
  • Making sure you have all the parts
  • Finding the time to do it
  • Overcoming the “ick” (I can’t be the only one who doesn’t have “dealing with fesces” on their Top-Things To Do List) 
  • etc.

Now that we defined the problem, what’s the solution?

The Twusch is a porcelain insert that offers all the benefits of an “in-home” toilet, without additional hassle, weight or major time commitment at an affordable cost.

Installation takes about 15 minutes and is super easy and clean. 

It’s an absolute NO-Brainer! 


And if you want to save your time going to the hardware store and collect everything you need, look no further. 

Our Twusch with Installation Kit comes with everything you’ll need to clean and install. 

Plus a bottle of Nanotol – Surface Sealant so everything flushes even easier.

For Comments, Questions or Concerns, don’t hesitate to contact at CS@twusch.com.

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