Twusch Porcelain insert (Insert only)

Includes 1 porcelain toilet insert


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With the support of an experienced porcelain manufacturer, and years of hard work, we have brought the perfect addition to your camper or RV toilet to the market. 

The Twusch is exactly what you didn’t know you were missing in your RV or camper to help keep your toilet clean, safe, and looking brand new, use after use. 

Most factory RV or Camper toilets are made from plastic, making them more susceptible to bacteria, scratches, and discoloration. 

But because the Twusch is made from durable porcelain, you don’t need to worry about harbored bacteria and stained toilet bowls any longer. Just like your toilet at home, the Twusch is easy to clean and keep looking new with much less wear and tear than a plastic toilet bowl. 

Not only will the Twusch help keep you and your family safe from harmful bacteria that easily gets trapped in a plastic RV toilet bowl, but it also helps save up to 75% of water with its nano sealing design.  

The Twusch is available for a number of different Thetford toilets including the C2/C3/C4, C200, C220, C250, C260, C400, C500, Bravura, Aqua Magic V,  and Aqua Magic R.

With the piece of mind of a bacteria free, water saving, porcelain product, you won’t regret purchasing this upgrade for your RV, camper, or caravan! 

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For Thetford Series

C2/C3/C4, C200, C220, C250, C260, C400, C500, Bravura, Aqua Magic V, Aqua Magic R


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