DIY Thetford Toiled Upgrade Installation Kit for Twusch porcelain insert

This Installation Kit entails:

  • high-quality silicone
  • Betaclean – cleaning towel
  • Nanotol Spray – cleaner / protector (50 ml)
  • latex gloves
  • wooden spatulas
  • microfiber cloth

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Don’t forget to get your Twusch Installation Kit to make your DIY Thetford Toilet Upgrade so much easier.

This Kit does NOT include the Twusch insert.
It’s the Installation Kit ONLY, to help you make the Install of your Twusch easier without having to run out to the hardware store and get the supplies.

The Kit entails:

  • Ā 1 tube Elkem CAF 33 high-quality silicone, which is being used in the automotive and aviation industry
  • Betaclean – cleaning towel
  • Nanotol cleaning agent and surface protection (50 ml spray bottle)
  • wooden spatulas
  • microfiber cloth
  • latex gloves

The silicone has been extensively tested specifically in regards of our product to ensure it’ll withstand extreme temperatures, as well as increased exposure to water and anti-freeze / chemical flush additives.


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