How kindness amongst neighbors led to a Campfire

Black background with orange flames and coals in the middle. A bonfire photographed from the bird perspective


A few days ago I sat down with my sister for a chat about her first camping experience ever.

Today, I’d like to let her tell you about one of her many adventures on this trip:

” We, my best friend and I, were two camping beginners, with one SUV and a plan to road trip to Vancouver. Our plan was to start in Edmonton, then continue on to Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. We had no idea what we were doing, we were winging it and hoping for the best! 

Knowing what I know now, this is not advisable at all. But luckily for us, it all went well and made for a lifetime of memories.

One of those memories, is what we lovingly call The Campfire Fiasco. 

On the first night, after setting up our campsite, we decided to build a campfire and roast some S’mores.

Pretty quickly it became evident, that starting a fire was not our strong suit. In fact, we were pretty terrible at it. 

We had been trying for about 30 minutes or more to get our fire started when a group of people came over and offered us some help. They were incredibly friendly and helpful, even though we had no idea who they were or where they came from (they were just there).

We soon learned that these strangers were our campsite neighbors who had decided, after watching and laughing at us for a while, to come over and lend their expertise in starting fires (and making them bigger). 

Within minutes our small pile of twigs was burning bright orange flames that shot up into the sky–and all because of these kind people who just wanted us all to have fun camping together! 

Not only did they help us get our campfire started, but they ended up staying and we all ended up having a wonderful time around the infamous campfire, sharing good food and stories.

That night I learned what the camping community is all about. It doesn’t take much to be a good (campsite)neighbor.

In fact, the best part about it is that you get to enjoy the rewards of helping others without having to give up anything yourself! The joy of helping your fellow human beings is something that has been proven time and time again–and it’s one of those things we all need more of in our lives. So go out there, be kind and get to know your neighbors!”

Do you remember a situation when you felt the kindness of the RV community and someone may have went out of their way to help you out or get to know you.

Please share it in the comments or send us an email at so we can share it for you and show what our community is all about.

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