About Us

A closeup of a twusch porcelain insert propped up in a thetford toilet

Our Story 

We are a female owned and operated company selling porcelain toilet inserts with the goal of bringing an affordable, bacteria and scratch free, upgrade to your RV or Camper toilet.  

Twusch was originally created, produced, and sold in Germany after my dad, Toni (the “T” in Twusch), bought a motorhome to regain his independence through travelling after he suffered a severe stroke. Once he started traveling in it, he began to notice just how bad the inside of the plastic cassette toilet looked. It was scratched and deteriorating and no matter how many times it was cleaned, or what was used to clean it, it still had stains. That’s when the idea of the Twusch came to be. Instead of spending $1,200 on a whole new RV toilet, my dad designed a brand new, much more durable and affordable product that could simply be inserted into the existing toilet. And the design took off, becoming very popular in Germany. 

Around the time Twusch was taking off in Germany, my dad and I reconnected. 

I had moved to Canada from Germany in 2013 and lost touch with my dad after the move. However, in 2020 I reached out to him to let him know I was pregnant and we were able to repair our lost relationship and bond over a new grandbaby and later a business that both of us could benefit from. 

I was struggling with the desire and opportunity to get back into the workforce, as a lot of new moms do, and my dad was wanting to bring the Twusch to North America. 

It was the perfect plan. So I started my own Twusch company, serving Canada and the USA with my dad and sister’s support.    

We are so happy our family has the opportunity to bring a durable, affordable, more cleanly, RV toilet solution to yours! 

-Nadine (Owner)