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Why do you need a toilet insert for your RV or Camper?

Have you ever really taken a look at your RV or Camper toilet? Chances are that if you have, you’ve seen multiple stains and scratches. No matter how many times you clean your plastic toilet bowl with those “rv safe” toilet cleaning tips, it never really looks “clean.” And just to let you in on a little secret, it never actually gets clean either. Luckily we have your RV toilet bowl solution in the Twusch. 

The Twusch is made from porcelain, as opposed to the factory plastic that harbors bacteria and becomes susceptible to discoloration. This makes it so much easier to actually keep clean and looking like new with every wash.  

Not only is the Twusch much more sanitary than a plastic toilet bowl, but it is also better for the environment and helps to save on your fresh water supply. With its unique design and the use of nano sealing, the Twusch can help to save up to 75% of water. 

And because it’s porcelain, you may be thinking that it will add a little too much weight to your already perfectly weighed out RV or camper, but the Twusch is specially designed to be a lightweight addition to your mobile bathroom.  

Truly making the Twusch a great investment and upgrade to your Camper, RV, or Caravan.     

  • A twusch porcelain insert is being lowered into a thetford toilet by a hand in a black latex glove

    Twusch Porcelain insert (Insert only)

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    Twusch with Installation Kit

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