And what you can expect of our Subscription Box for RVing Women

Fall box unboxing

Fall is coming and so is our 2023 Fall Box. 

The RV Gal’s Survival Kit – Fall Box was made to be a special edition box for non-subscribers to see what this is all about and get a feel of what they can expect when they decide to subscribe to our monthly box. 

Each month you’ll receive a box that will be themed according to season, month, holidays or events. 

The contents will always be kept secret until the Live Unboxing Video, which will be scheduled as soon as most of the boxes show as delivered to not spoil the surprise. 

So now that most of the boxes have been delivered, we can go over the contents. 


1.1. Recipe Card: 

Every Box comes with a laminated Recipe Card, Meal Plan or Freezer Meal Prep Plan. 

The recipes can be prepared either on the BBQ / Campfire or at home. 

To celebrate fall, we’ve included a Recipe for Burbon-spiced Campfire Applecrisp. Soooo delicious! 

1.2. Peeler

To compliment the Applecrisp Recipe we’ve included an apple peeler, which is compact and lightweight. Perfect to keep in your trailer all year round. 

1.3. Pop-Up Food Cover

Unfortunately Fall isn’t only apple season but also wasp season. To cover your delicious Applecrisp, we provided you with a super lightweight, collapsible Food Cover to keep those pesky wasps (or other bugs) away. 

With it being lightweight AND collapsible you can easily store it in your trailer or at home. 

1.4. LED String Lights

These battery operated string lights (batteries not included) with their warm glow offer some great ambience under the awning while travelling or spending time at home on the porch. They are small but mighty and can be hung up wherever needed as they don’t have to be plugged into an outlet. 

Want some ambience while relaxing on the porch? String Lights.

Need to light up the outhouse on the campground? String lights.

They come in extremely handy at home or while travelling. 


Let’s look at the fun part. The items JUST FOR YOU. 

2.1. Earrings

This super cute set of wooden pumpkin earrings can be worn for special occasions or daily to complement your fall outfit. With a length of 2″ and vibrant colors they’ll make a statement wherever you go. 

2023 fall box

2.2. Headbands

To further enhance your fall outfit, we’ve added 2 headbands. Their extremely soft material makes them a pleasure to wear. Not only can they be used as an accessory but also to hold your hair back during your nighttime routine, when you are treating your face with some well deserved moisturizer and other creams.

2.3 Vanity Bag / Toiletry Bag / Make Up Bag

This is the main attraction of our 2023 Fall Box. The beautifully made faux leather Make Up Bag measures approximately 10″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″ and opens up to be a spacious travel must have with more pockets on the inside. 

The cappuccino colored item ties perfectly in with the other carefully curated items to set the mood and help you enjoy fall.

Inserts for fall box

As always, we’ve added some more goodies to the box. 

  •  Affirmation Card for you to collect, carry with you and remind you of your awesomeness
  • Fall themed Stickers to decorate your laptop, travel mug or trailer.
  • “Open when…” Envelope – this time the prompt was “Open when you are feeling cheeky.”


If you want to find out what was in the envelope, you can go and watch our Live Unboxing Video here. 

Want to be part of the fun and get one of these boxes delivered to your front (or RV) door every month starting January 2024?

Get on the waitlist now and don’t miss news, giveaways, goodies and launch dates. 

If you can’t wait until January and want to treat yourself during the wild Christmas Dash, or you have an RVing friend you still need a gift for, get our one-time 2023 HOLIDAY BOX here. 


**The Holiday Box will be shipped during the first week of December.**

Happy RVing!

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